Curriculum Vitae

1980 - 1982MCM Company Mara Cromer
1983 - 1984Company Neil Aubrey Hairways
1985Art-Project „ROSANA“ in Co-Operation with Wolfgang Flatz
Project ran over 1 1/2 years
1986Performance: „Five nudes descending the stairway“
Opening Act in the Munich Academy of Art
Hair Sculptures for Fashion Show Van Laak
1986 - 1988German Magazine „Madame“ and „Vogue“
1989First Paintings
1990 / 19913 Multi Media Poetry Performances „From Heaven to Earth“
In Co Operation with Jeanette Sena Muhlmann aka Sena Loft Munich
1992 - 1998Hairstyling for different Magazines
1999Completion of the „Tarot Card Collection
2001 - 2002Group Exhibition - Paintings (People of the World), Deutsches Museum
Munich, Germany
2003 - 2008Work in Progress
2010Solo Exhibition of 66 Paintings, Gallery Sannicolo - Munich, Germany
February 25th 2010 - March 20th 2010
2011 / 2012New Painting Serie „Senza Colore della Pelle
AktuellNew Exhibition in Munich